Sunday, October 16, 2011

Atkins Day 6 & 7

So, I had the pizza quiche for dinner on Friday and it was amazing. I also had some for breakfast and lunch the next day, Saturday. I'm going to make it again it a bigger casserole dish so it will last the week. I'm also going to make a pumpkin bake that I found on Yourtuber Bowulf channel. It looks good and that's going to be my breakfast and I'm going to have salad as usual at lunch.

Anyway, on to the excited news. I got the scale this morning and I weighed 315. I made my goal of getting back to 315 at the end of Induction, October 22nd. But, since I made if before then my new goal is to lose five more pounds to bring me to 310. My goal for the rest of the year is to be 299 by December 31st. That means I would have to lose five pounds in November and December. I think that's very doable. That way I can bring in the new year in the 200s.

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