Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Paleo Diet

[via robb wolf]

So, after doing Atkins for a while I just don't think it's the diet for me. I don't like having to do all the carb counting and picking through things and standing in the store for hours trying to find a no nitrae bacon. It's to much. So, I did what I normally do, I prayed about it.

And the words "meat and veggie diet PCOS" popped into my head. I went on google and typed that in, and all these success stories about Paleo and PCOS came on the screen. It's very similar to Atkins in where you eat meat, but you don't count carbs. Starchy veggies and high carb fruits are avoided by PCOS people. You eat what you want and when you're full leave the table. 

Cook, eat, and go about my business. I like it.

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