Thursday, November 24, 2011

30 Factoids

[via lilyka]

1. I refuse to eat corn, peas, and carrots unless they are in soup or stew
2. I have a super short attention span, I lose track of conversation that I'm in the middle of having
3. I love Geo Science, when I was eight I had a book about planetary composition
4. I love PBS
5. I love learning about deep sea ecosystems, even though I'm terrified of open water
6. Mathematics is the bane of my existence
7. I have a melancholy personality on top of being intoverted
8. My favorite food is shrimp fired rice with duck sauce and sweet & sour sauce
9. I'm on of the biggest cat person that I know
10. My favorite drink is Peche Lambic
11. My favorite band is Queen
12. I go to amusment parks just for the rollercoasters
13. I have weird infatuation with smells; fresh paint, play dough, wet dirt, etc
14. I think McDonald's Frappe is better than Starbucks' Frappacino
15. I collect BJD and fashion dolls
16. I love Christmas music, I listen to it even in the summer
17. I'm adopted and so is my mom
18. I'm 5'9, but I wish I was taller
19. I like to make comments during movies, but I make sure no one hears me, I promise
20. I want to be a vegetarian, I was vegetarian when I was a child and I was skinny
21. I have a driver's license (I got it when I was 23), but I haven't driven since 2009. I really don't like driving
22. I used to be the biggest tomboy, I'm now turning into a girly-girl. I own pink and I have things with flowers on them
23. I've never had a boyfriend and I've Never Been Kissed (just call me Joise Geller)
24. Steve Buscemi was my first celebrity crush (I first saw him in Armageddon)
25. My favorite movies are Ghostbusters II and Coming to America
26. My favorite authors are Stephen King and Jonathan Kellerman
27. I believe it should never be cooler than 65 degrees or hotter that 85 degree (Fahrenheit)
28. I love vintage tribal jewelry, especially rings
29. I think men with tattoos are sexy
30. I love Scottish accents, and hope to marry someone with one

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