Thursday, December 1, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursdays

Today is the first day of December, which means Christmas is only 24 days away.  I'm excited, Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. And with 24 days to Christmas that means 30 days to the new year. I have a feeling that 2012 is going to be a good year for me.

Also, it seems that my ear lobe was infected. I think it was a combination of  having trouble getting my plug in and cleaning with Witch Hazel. Apparently, Witch Hazel is something that should be avoided when heal your lobe. It slows down the healing time. So, I cut that out and I've been using just the sea salt soaks and my ear is doing a lot better. The only thing now is I have to wait two months before going to the next size, boo!

On another note, I started making a list of the things I want in a spouse.  And there are things on there that I never would have thought of. I can't remember where I saw this. But, a woman was talking about how her husband hates holiday decorations/decorating. And for me that would not be fun, I love holiday decor. So, having someone who looks forward to pulling out the rubber bin and pulling out tinsel and lights would be a plus for me.

-forgetting to do Awkward and Awesome the entire moth of November
-hurting your back and not being able to walk, stand or sit without looking crazy

-having extra unexpected money
-find some really nice clothes on sale
-being caught up at work and surfing the net all day
-no more scotching hot summer days

P.S. Isn't this the cutest little girl ever?

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