Sunday, December 4, 2011


This Friday is the company Christmas party. I really don't have feelings about the party one way or another. In the years past I looked forward to it, but all the people that I enjoyed have moved on to other jobs. It's going to be a long two hours.

I ended up taking the 12g plug out of my left ear, I'm thinking that my ear wasn't ready to stretch yet and that why it was giving me problems. I'm wearing the 14g plug now. I think I'll try sizing up again and the end of the month.

I also decided to give up on making youtube videos. I made about six or seven and I have made a video in eight months. I realized that I'd much rather watch a video than make one. I prefer blogging. I don't need to set aside time, set up a recording space, or spend hours editing a video. It's easier to take a photo and write about my day.

I also started the Asian Slim Secrets diet by Linda Yo. I had 10oz miso soup, 6oz thin sliced beef and 32oz cups of basmati rice for breakfast. I at around 9:00am and it's now going on 1:00pm and I'm not even hungry. She has videos posted over on youtube--> You can buy her book for $12 in paperback on amazon. Or you can do like I did and get it for $6 from amazon by downloading to you ereader (I have a Nook Color.)

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