Friday, September 23, 2011

ANTM Cycle 17 Episode 2

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On Wednesday episode the ladies worked the branding genius Martin Lindstrom. They were each given a word that they were to embody and use to connect with their audience. During the first episode they held a poll to see how the audience connected to them. Their words were...

Lisa - Daring
Sheena- Unexpected
Kayla - Free, but was told being a lesbian is five years ago
Shannon - Trustworthy, but was told she was boring, and I agree
Dominique - Survivor
Allison - Unique
Angelea - Persistence, but was told she looks like she'd model cheap shoes
Bre - Girlfriend
Camille - Proud
Isis - Inspiration
Laura - Lovable
Alexandria - Tough, but was told she was annoying, and I agree
Bianca - Candid

Then they received their TY-Overs. Some of the hair styles were really cute, but some of them didn't change enough to really make a difference. I dislike long weave with a passion. Lisa didn't want to cut her hair because she was getting married in two months, Bre was angry about her hair being shaved on the sides. And in all honesty I understand her completely, I have natural hair, and it's taken me three year the grow to shoulder length (but my hair stretched out is to the middle of my back.) Alexandria cried because she like her hair cut so much, which is why fans find her annoying. Oddly enough, I liked Lisa's and Alexandria's hairstyles the most, short hair works for them.

The photo shoot this week was for Pink's Hot Dogs. The goal was to embody their word in the photo. Laura did a really good job, she did such a good job that she was told to show Camille how to model. Best moment of the show. But, most of the models struggled and didn't really embody the word that they were given.

Dominique - Survivor - judges didn't see her brand, but she looks good, and I agree
Bianca - Candid - embodies her brand, judges feel that she's the prettiest in the competition
Shannon - Trustworthy - very pretty, but I found the picture to be boring
Camille - Proud - Andre is feels her picture is more pageant than model
Laura - Lovable - this is too lovable; it's lust-able
Isis - Inspiration - Andre and Nigel didn't like the photo, but Tyra loved it, I felt it was to manish in the pose
Kayla - Free - no one sees free in her photo.
Allison - Unique - she needs be sure she stays unique and doesn't go too cutesy
Alexandria - Tough - very pretty, but too girl next door.
Sheena - Unexpected - not exciting enough, I agree it was pretty, but boring
Angelea - Persistence - very believable and endearing
Lisa - Daring - she nailed it, she's the best at owning her brand so far.
Bre - Girlfriend - She's getting lots of love for her makeover, her picture needed a little more sparkle

The best photo went to Lisa and the runner up was Bianca. The bottom two were Sheena and Kayla and my girl Sheena left. Personally, I felt Kayla should have gone, but I'm bias.

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