Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The New Girl and Raising Hope

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So, when I started seeing previews for this show I wasn't sure about all honesty it looked a little dumb. But, I happened to come across it last night and I decided to watch it, and it's a good show. I laughed and I loved the character interaction with one another. Coach is my favorite, who is Damon Wayne's son. But Coach is being replaced by a character named Winston, who will be played by Lamorne Morris I'm hoping that this new actor doesn't throw off the dynamic. But, I'm going to tune in new week because I do like the other characters.

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We also have the return on Raising Hope, which I didn't know was premiering last night, but I love this show. Lucas Neff has a nice singing voice. My knees go weak for a man that can sing and play an instrument *swoons*  And I missed the premiere of Two and a Half Men because I forgot it was on *sad face* I'll just have to find in online.

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And are we ready for ANTM episode two? I'm hoping that the pictures look better this week. Most of them looked very amateurish, despite the fact that they are working models. The only picture I liked last week was Laura, but all her photos look amazing.

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