Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Supersized vs Superskinny

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This is my favorite new show. I've learned so much about nutrition and disorders and the extremes that people will go to, to look perfect. This week they were talking people who are obsessed with using plastic surgery to look their best. It's all rather scary. And I recently learned about the additive Red-40, eww. I think I'm just going to cut out processed foods. While I don't like cooking, it's better than eating the stuff that the government allows into our food. Someone recommended that I watch Food, Inc. They said that they lost 19 pounds because they refused to each anything that wasn't organic and unprocessed. I already stopped eating red meat because of the movies I saw from Peta. Oh, well what can you do.


  1. The entire government/ food system is super scary. I teach people how to change their diet for better health- the best thing you can do is eat clean and drink a lot of water. If you can afford organic and handle going raw, you will see and FEEL huge results. Also, opt for gluten free.

  2. I'm already going gluten free since I have a sensitivity to it. I tried raw foods before and was thinking of doing it again. I had a hard time getting in all the calories that I needed for the day. But, this time I'm going to plan better so I don't have to worry so much about fitting in enough calories.

  3. Nuts are good for boosting calories. So are avocados and olive oil on your food.

  4. In a healthy way, of course. :)