Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ulta Haul

  [via loves modesty]

My mother decided that she wanted to go to Ulta and pick up some things and I tagged along. I remembered that I wanted to pick up some nail polish from Essence, and I was informed that they were having a sale on Ulta brand nail polish. So, I went to look at there selection, those people went through there like flies, there was barely anything left. So, I picked what I liked from Ulta and I got my polishes from Essence. And I also picked up some bottles of Pixel, whom I never heard of before. I got 12 polishes for $23 dollars, not bad.

Pixel $2.49

Naughty Bit Nice

Show Me The $

Sizzel In

Essence $0.99

Space Queen

 What Do You Think?

 Choose Me!

 Just Rock It!

Ulta $6.00; on sale $2.00


 Army of 1

 Wild Night

 Peach Parfait

 Intro Astrono-me?

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