Friday, October 14, 2011

10 Day You Challenge- Ten Secrets

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1. I am obsessed with cats. I watch every video, every TV show and read every book about cats. I can tell you what breed a cat is by looking at it.

2. I collect dolls, BJDs to be exact. It's a super expensive hobby, if a person can stand in like for five hour to spend $800 on an iPad, I should be able to do the same for a doll. I have three on the way right now- Carmine, Olivia & Aoubreigh. I have six dolls at home right now. Maybe I'll do a post about them if your interested. I have one more doll that I want and then that's it

3. I suffered from low self-esteem from Kindergarten through the age of 25. I hated myself and always wished I was someone else. It's was really said a depressing. I lived my life trying to please other people and it was really tiring. The main reason I did it because I didn't think that I was worth liking. But now, I do thinks that make me happy. And my confidence has grown tremendously.
4. Despite never wearing them, I love dresses.I've tried wearing dresses, they always cling to the wrong areas.

5. I regret going to college, I feel like I've gained nothing from it. The only good thing that came from it was that I got to live in New Orleans, LA.

6. I don't understand how to use Twitter or Facebook. Every time I go on it takes me forever to find what I'm looking for. The iPhone apps are even worst. I just keep tapping random things until I find that I need.

7. I want to live on my own, but I'm scared to. I worry about not being able to provide for myself and not being successful. My parents were very over protective and I feel because of that I never learned to depend on myself.

8. I think Mountain Dew and 7UP are the most horrible drinks in exsistance.

9. I got an iPhone for the purpose of watching Youtube at work.

10. I am literally heartbroken because I can't sing. If the Lord would let me, I would trade my talents for art for singing. I want to sing like Adele.

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