Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ear Stretching Part II

[via coolhair]

I bought my first gauge size last night, a 16g. It took me forever to find a stainless steel taper in 16g that didn't cost and arm and a leg. I got my taper from Kolo Piercing for $11 (that includes shipping.) What was even harder was find plugs in 16g that were made of glass, stainless steel or titanium. 

After looking all over the place I went to etsy and found a artisan (azhotshop) that makes Italian glass plugs in 16g, those were $20 (including shipping.) I'm excited to get them, I'm hoping they'll be here this weekend, but they may not arrive until next week. 

I also put earring in my holes last night. The left hole went in easily, the right hole close up a little. But, I massaged me ear with jojoba oil to soften up my ear and the earring slid in, I'm going to wear my earrings until my taper and plug get here.

Cute boys with plugs and tattoos.

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