Monday, November 21, 2011

I Am Because...

I grabbed this little meme from The Wiegands, I thought it was cute and was another way for you guys to learn more about me.

I am weird because...
-I can't stand the smell of Twizzlers on someone breath *gag*
-I think popcorn smells good, but taste aweful
-I think Mountain Dew is the worst drink in existence
-I'm afraid of grasshoppers/crickets

I am a bad friend because...
-I'm not gregarious in nature
-I can't stand talking on the phone
-I can't stay up past 11:00pm, and the people I know are night owls

I am a good friend because...
-I do what I say I'm going to do
-I'm a good listener

I am sad because...
-I've never had a boyfriend or been kissed
-I don't have any friend where I live
-I'm not in a city that I love
-I'm no in a job that I love

I am happy because...
-God loves me, even though I'm a mess sometimes
-I have a three day work week
-I'm working on items for my etsy shop
-They are playing Christmas music on the radio
-I realize that I love blogging

I am excited for...
-Holiday specials
-Creating a new vision board for 2012
-My future and all the ups and downs that come with it     

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