Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Long Time No See

Hello, how was everyone's holiday weekend?

I ended up taking Friday off and going out with my Dad to get gifts for my Mom. My Dad got her a gift card to Macy's, and a train set (she likes trains.) And I got her one of those fancy foot soaking tubs. It vibrated, has jets, and keeps the water warm.

Then on Saturday my Mom and I went out early in the morning to shop for my Dad. She got him a shower set from Bath and Bodyworks and two pair of cuff links. And I got him the Temptations Cloud 9 album and some fancy house shoes.

And my Dad and Mom got me a DVD player. And my Dad won TV at his job and gave it to me. I was super excited because I needed a new TV and DVD player. My player died about a year ago, and my TV was slow to respond to commands, then again my TV was going on eleven years. So, I set that up on Sunday. It's weird having a new TV. The screen is wider, but it takes up less space because it's flat. My other TV was super bulky. And now peoples faces are cut off at the edges. Of course there was nothing for me watch on TV, so I watched Dylan Dog on the movie setting...it was fancy.

So, today was the first day back at work. I got to work at 5:00am so I could get caught up. I couldn't get into my office. The key pad didn't work. So, there were six people from my company standing around looking stupid wondering what we were going to do. Eventually, the guard came and let us in. I didn't get to my desk until 7:30am. At least the person who is going to fix it will be here soon.

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