Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm making really good time in finishing my 12 by 2012 list. I have three more things left, two weeks to do it and them I'm complete. 

Yesterday, I did my budget for 2012 and I work saving into the mix this year. According to my calculations I should have $2400 by December 2012. If we get a raise this year I'm going to put more in savings. I'm think that we might get one, last year by this time they made an announcement that we weren't getting one; but they haven't said anything yet.

This morning I organized my external HDD, it looks much better now. I think I'm still going to go through and delete something, I'm not sure yet.

I'm going to try to post a Youtube video Saturday or Sunday. I want to make sure that I get at least one done before the end of the year. 

My back is still a little on the #Idontwanttodowork side. But, it's getting better, I can't stand up without my back literally falling apart. Getting in the car is easy now, getting out is still a bit of work. You know, it's really annoying when you've hurt your leg/back/side/whatever. And there are people randomly standing around watching you get out the car...really? UGH!

I've been doing a lot of Biblical research lately. I'm not really sure why, but YHWH has put it in my heart to start reading a researching the Bible on my own. For a while now, I've felt funny about the church institution, actually since childhood. But, as I've gotten older I've realized that there are a lot of false prophets, heads of the church misquoting the Bible for their own beliefs, and on top of all that being hypocrites. 

I'm not saying that I'm perfect, because our Father has pointed that out to me plenty of times. But, at the same time, He wants us to rely on Him more than man. And through my research I found all types of things that are off about the way that we live and the way that our Father wanted us to live. I encourage you to read the Bible on your own and not just having someone tell you what it says. I'm thinking of doing a blog series on my findings so you guys can do your own research.

One of my goals for next year is to read the Bible cover to cover myself. All these years I've had other people tell me what the Bible said, but this time I'm going to rely on the Bible itself.

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