Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's The End

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Today is the last day of the month, it went by so quickly. In twenty-one more days it's going to be spring., and in Florida it means it's going to be hot ;-;

I accomplished very little this month. My job in itself is easy, but there is so much wrong to be, really it's enough work for two full-time people. Hopefully, my boss will listen to me and hire another person to help.

Speaking of work, my company is opening another branch three hours from here. I meet the receptionist for that office a couple days ago. We hung out and talked about anime and what not. I really liked her, she's really nice. So, we are going to keep on contact through email. We also exchanged anime and other TV shows on our harddrives. I got some Asian Dramas from her, Mars, Goong, Liars Game and Boys Before Flowers. I started watching Mars yesterday, I only watched the first five minutes because I was at work, but I'm enjoying it already. I watched a little bit of Liars Game, I only watched the first five minutes and I'm already stressed out, I don't know if I'm going to make it through the eleven episodes.

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