Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Indie Blogger conference starts today, I'm really excited about it. I think that blogging suits me a lot better than making Youtube videos. I've made a few, but it's a lot of work with recording and editing. And let's be honest, it's a lot easier for me to blog everyday than make a weekly video.

I would like to be a fashion blogger, but do minimalist fashion. A few pieces styled different ways. Right now I practically wear the same thing all the time. Granted, as I lose weight I'm going to have to replace those clothes eventually. I think when I reach my goal weight I'm going to do the 30 x 30 challenge. That were you take 30 pieces of clothing (this includes accessories and shoes) and you try different combination to create thirty outfits. Another part of that challenge is to not buy anything for those 30 days.

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  1. Living on a budget can be hard ... believe me I know! A few years ago, I sat down with like 3 months of bank statements and realized that I was practically flushing 2 paychecks a month down the toilet. So I tightened my purse strings...stopped shopping just to shop because let's face it...that is the MOST EXPENSIVE hobby to have and now I only go to Target when I need a list of stuff and I'll drive right by it sometimes just to not overspend. I did a similar post where I took one pencil skirt and made a week's worth of "new" outfits with stuff I already own.