Friday, November 18, 2011

Getting Better

I am feeling so much better now. I'm walking around pain free for the most part; I still have a little difficulty getting in a out of the car. I also I got a different chair to sit in at work, and I think that it has helped a lot. I've also have been looking up exercise to strengthen my lower back, so when I'm completely pain free I will start doing those so I don't have this issue again.

I lost one of my 14g plugs yesterday. It was a really nice clear Italian glass one too. So, I'm wearing my 16g plug for the time being. I went ahead and ordered the next three sizes of tapers and plugs from Body Art Forms. According to USPS they should arrive tomorrow and I when they do I'll stretch to a 12g. I've been going up to the next size every two weeks without a problem. From what I've read you really don't feel the stretch until you hit the single digit tapers/plugs. And when you hit single digit tapers/plugs you have to wait a month until you can go to the next size. My plan for now it to stretch to a 8g, but depending on how big or small it looks will determine if I go to a 6g. Plus, you have more variety as a 6g, so I may go ahead and do that.

And today at work we having our Thanksgiving luncheon. I usually don't go, because I can't deal with that many people in one space; we have 100 employees at our branch. I'm also looking forward to next week because we have a three day work week and a four day weekend. I'm so excited, I love paid time off. I'm ready for my PJ's and comforter. Though, I'm not going to be completely unproductive, I'm going to clean my room

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