Wednesday, December 7, 2011

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My mood is so much better then it was yesterday, I started my day off with mixed berry black maybe that helped.

And today is another day in which I have no work because I finished early. So, I think I'm either going to work on another macrame bracelet or look up pictures for my vision board. I don't know.

I brought a book with me to read today, The Path of Least Resistance  by Robert Fritz. But, the book is making no sense to me. I've never read a book before in which I couldn't understand it. It like when you're talking to someone and the are incoherently rambling. So, this book is getting donated.

So, the restaurant that we are going to for the company Christmas party is Season 52. I remember when they were building it, but I never went when they finished. According to my co-workers it's a hip trendy place. I'm going over the menu now and there aren't that many things that I would actually eat. 

I'm actually scared to eat in public because there have been too many times I've gone out and either got food poisoning or other stomach problems.  So, when I go somewhere I always look for safe foods that won't bother me. That's why whenever I got to eat with family or friends I get chicken tenders. That's the one thing that I can eat and I know won't have problems with. The thing is this place doesn't have chicken tenders. So, I'm looking at the shrimp pasta and the steak. Normally, pasta and steak don't give me problems, unless they aren't cooked right. And I'm not eating dessert this year either. Last year I had a lava cake, my stomach didn't like it :-/

Oh, well. Tumblr and Pinterest here I come!

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