Friday, December 30, 2011

A Year End Testimony

We have one more full day left in 2011, this year went by really fast for me. It had its downs and its ups. The beginning of the year was hard because my family and I were struggling financially and barely making ends meet. There were a couple of times that we almost got evicted and had to borrow money from family/friends. We were going to Amscot just to get enough to pay rent and then having to pay them back leaving us with barely nothing. I was praying a lot, but I knew that it was a test and refused to believe that we would be on the street.

In May, and guest pastor preached at my parents church. I wasn't there, but this is what they told me. The other people called him a prophet, but he didn't call himself that, he just considered himself a preacher. Any who, while he was preaching he kept stopping and telling certain individuals about their situation and that it was going to get better. Then the preacher asked for Edward, that's my Dad's name. Of course my Dad didn't move because he didn't think the message was for him. 

So, this little boy stood up because his name was Edward. And he asked the little boy his last name, but the last name was wrong. He asked of there were any other Edward's and no one else stood, so my Dad got up. He asked my Dad if his last name was "suchandsuch" and my Dad said yes. He then asked if he had a daughter whose name started with a S and my Dad said yes. Then he said you've been struggling with your finances since 1999, and my Dad said yes. At this point he's freaking out because he's wondering how does the man know all of his business. 

Then man told him that God said things will be getting better and not to worry. Things will start to look better in June. And then my Dad was anointed with oil and all that good stuff. So, my Dad and I take our vacations at the same time so we and my mother can go on a family trip. While on vacation my Dad's boss calls and tells him that they are promoting him and he's getting a raise starting June 1st. And all of out finances have improved, I got a raise and we both are able to put into savings now. And we haven't been to Amscot or have had to ask family/friends for help in months. So, that's my testimonial for the year.

God and I have a much better relationship than we did in the past. I'm still a work in progress and sometimes I fall, but I'm working on that. I think the hardest thing that we are dealing with right now is forgiveness. I've asked for forgiveness and I know that He has forgiven me. But, as a human I'm struggling because maybe deep down inside I haven't forgiven myself, or I feel that I should be punished for the mistakes that I've made. And I know that our Father isn't expecting perfection, He knows that we aren't prefect. But, He wants us to do the best we can.

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  1. Great testimony! God works in awesome ways...and I love hearing (or reading) about it! :)

    That last paragraph really got to me, because I feel like I am in the same boat at the moment. We've always been taught that God forgives us and wants nothing more than for us to come to him, but it's the forgiving yourself part that's the hardest.

    ANYWAY, I really just wanted to say that I was bloghopping and came across your blog and I liked it. lol

    Hope you have a wonderful new year! :)