Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Aggravation is a Sign of Unease in the Holy Spirit

When I get home tonight I'm going to grab my dinner and sit down in front of the computer and do a massive following on Tumblr. This came about earlier today when I decided to check on one of my favorite blogs that was about body acceptance and letting your voice be heard as a woman.

Well, it went from loving yourself, to making you voice heard, to I hate men and everything and anything that has to do with them. And the more I read the more and more aggravated I was getting. Everything was so angry. I admit that there are men in the world that do not treat us the way we deserve to be treated. But, to blanket all men as scum offended me. So, I unfollowed them.

I read in an article once that when we become unsettled about something it's the Holy Spirit letting us know that whatever we are viewing or hearing is not to good and is taking away from the path that we need to be one. So, tonight I'm going to go through the Tumblr blog I follow, and if I feel uneasy while viewing their blog I will unfollow.

Outside of that I stretched my ear piercings from a 12g to a 10g. So, I'm very happy about that, they're pumpkin colored. I'm going to leave these in until the end of February and then go to a 8g if my ears are ready for that. And then I'll decided if I'm going to stay at an 8g or go to a 6g.

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