Wednesday, January 25, 2012

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I had a busy day yesterday. One of my goals was to get my debt paid down, or at least start on it. The only debt I have is my student loan. If you're thinking of going to school, please go to a state school and try to get a scholarship. Even community college for the first two year to get you general classes out the way will save you lots of money. And whatever you do, don't take out loans with Sallie Mae. Try to go through a credit union.

Any who, I called the collection agency and worked out a payment plan. I had to do some serious praying and the Lord made a way for me. They wanted me to make a down payment of $3,480. I told them I don't have it could the make they payment lower. So it went from $3.480 dollars to $320. And right before she got on the phone with me they lowered it to $290. So, I'm a happy camper. So, after a year of on time payments my credit score will improve, and I'll have forbearance available again, and I would have the option of going back to school for my masters. I'm not sure about going back to school. If I got my masters in art I'd be able to teach at the university and make $52 dollars and hour. I'll have to see where I am financially. I might be able to get a scholarship. We shall see.

I'm also planning on going vegan. I started yesterday, I wasn't actually vegan though, I was vegetarian. I had a no sugar added mango and pineapple smoothie and two small macadamia nut cookies. I didn't eat dinner because I wasn't hungry, so I just went to bed. This morning I had a juiced apples for breakfast. For lunch I plan on have a veggie soup. I'm not sure what I'm going to have for dinner though.

Right now, I searching on site for vegan recipes that are easy to make and will last through the week. I've found a couple already that look very promising.

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