Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hey, Remember Me?

Hey guys. I haven't post in almost a week. It's been super busy at work coming off of a holiday my work was backed up three days. But, I'm almost caught up, so that's a good thing.

Currently, I'm gathering pictures for my vision board. I already have one done, but I wanted to make it over and have three for the different aspects of my life. One that concentrates purely on my health, on for my career, and on for miscellaneous things. I'm also writing a goal list down.

And I'm watching the second season of Sherlock right now. I will never understand why UK seasons are so short. I mean Supernatural has close to 20 episodes a season.

I'm still working on my diet. I was off it for a few days because I ran out of food, I didn't plan well enough. But I also am going to start exercising. The place where I work has a gym on the first floor and it opens a little before 5:30am. Exercising isn't exactly exciting for me, I find it rather boring...unless it's kickboxing. My plan is to walk 1 mile three days a week until I get use to it. My ultimate goal is to walk five miles in the morning and five miles in the afternoon.

I have a beautiful vintage dress from the 70s that I just purchased. And I can't wait to wear it, I have it hanging in my room right now as motivation. I'm also going to records my voice and blend it in with calming nature sound and use it as subliminal messages while I sleep. Normally, I don't like subliminal messages because you never really know what someone has added to the track. But, this why it my own voice and I know whats on it because I did it myself.

I'm still debating moving back to Chicago, I'm still saving up to move though. I just don't know it could deal with the snow again. But, I miss the fall time, we really don't get fall in Florida. And it doesn't get cold enough to wear the cute, fabulous coats that are available during that time of year.

I need to pray on it some more and see where God wants to take me. But, I have noticed to through gather pictures for my vision board I have a very specific house that I like. I usually tropical and on the beach. So, I might end up living on the beach and an island somewhere, that would be nice. I've always liked the water.


  1. just found your cute blog, now following ! :)



  2. Thanks, I hope you enjoy what you see!