Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I went to GNC over the New Year weekend to pick up some vitamins. On my way to check out I saw this natural deodorant. It's basically a chunk of salt rock. You moisten it with water and rub it under your arm and the salt creates a barrier so the odor causing bacteria doesn't form.

I've been looking for a aluminum free deodorant for a while now. I was skeptical, but it was only $3.50, about the same price as commercial deodorant. When I got home I washed of my deodorant and put this stuff on. I didn't smell and it controlled perspiration. But, I sat at home the rest of the day so it wasn't a good enough test.

So, I wore it the next day and I was running around from place to place. I wore a black top purposely so I would sweat a little more. OMG, this stuff is amazing. I didn't smell my underarms weren't wet.

I'm still getting use to not feeling deodorant under my arm, it's a strange sensation. Even though it works and I unconsciously keep checking to make sure there's no smell, and there isn't any. If you're looking for an aluminum free deodorant try this.


  1. Thanks for the heads up ~ my fiance is always looking for aluminum free deodorant (as a matter a fact he bought something new the other day) but it always irritates him. I'll tell him to check this out!!

    Happy New Year!!
    ♥ Shia

  2. I'm def gonna check this deodorant out. I have been looking for some aluminum free. Great review!

    Broke Fatshion