Monday, February 20, 2012

Shopping Deals

Good Morning...-_- so tired.

This weekend I found some really good deals. I went to Target and found a new top it was $22 dollars and I got in on sale for $11. Then I went to Kmart and found a Revlon nail polish for $1 and I found a pair of pants for $10 and I got them for $3. I love it when I find good deals.

I also found the Blowfish Wycliff in black in a size 10. I swear some shoe companies act like women don't have feet bigger than an 8. I will be getting those on Wednesday, I'm so excited about them. I'm still looking for the Jeffrey Campbell 99 in Mint, I should have gotten them when I saw them, and like a dummy I didn't ;-;

I also did my hair this weekend. Normally, I detangle my hair when in the shower, and the hot water runs out before I finish. Well, this weekend I decided to detangle my hair before getting into the shower. And after I finished detangling each section I twisted it and secured the ends. I then shampooed, conditioned, and deep conditioned my hair in the twist.I was in and out the shower in less than fifteen minutes, I'm usually in there for an hour *oops*

Then this morning I flat ironed my my desk at work. I got here early so no one was here while I was doing it. And I did in an hour since my hair was thoroughly detangled. Last night I blow dried my hair and them braided each section and slept on it. Then when I got to work I undid a braid at a time brushed it sprayed it with Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Spray, then sprayed with Silk Elements MegaSilk Olive Heat Protection Spray. And I set my flat iron to 320° degrees.This is the best straightening session that I've ever had. Even my roots, that are 3C/4A texture and straight. And I discovered a paddle brush is my best friend.

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