Monday, February 13, 2012

Summer Fruits

While Fall is my favorite season, summer is my favorite season for fruit. I went to Sam's Club over the weekend and stocked up on fruits. I got sugar pears, banana, clementines, plums, apples, tomatoes, and cucumbers. They had a fruit named plouts, I've heard of them before, but I'm scared to try them. I didn't want to buy the three pound cartoon and they weren't good, that's why I haven't bought dates.

I'm still working on my granny square blanket. I actually changed the color palette, it's cream, grey, and pistachio. I only have one square done so far, but I'm hoping a have several done before the end of the week. Working and trying to be creative can be very difficult, but I'm doing the best that I can. I don't want to lose my creativity, a lot of people lose that once they become adults and get into the work force.

My goal is still making a living off my art. I can't see myself working for someone and making them a lot of money for the rest of my life. I don't think that would be fair to myself. I'm hoping to be like Yokoo one day. I admire the hard work that she does, and she makes $100,000 a year. And her Etsy Shop is amazing. Or maybe more now, that's inspiring to know that people would want your work.

I've also been watching video on painting on youtube. So, when I get the chance I'm going to buy some canvas and more paint and I'm going to create something.

I've still haven't started packing. I need to do this as soon as possible. That last time we moved I packed the day of...not a good idea. I already have somethings that I want to give away, it's just a matter to putting them in the car and taking to Good Will.

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