Friday, February 10, 2012

They All Aren't Bad

One thing that I always have to remind myself of is that all people aren't bad. That can be a hard thing to remember at times when your constantly coming in contact with different personality. 

I use to be an overly emotional person, I'm still emotional, but I'm better at controlling it and not letting other people ruin my mood. I guess what bothers me the most is when you're truly wanting to help someone and they give you and attitude or they make you feel like you're stupid and your opinion doesn't matter.

As I've gotten closer to God it's become easier for me to receive messages from Him. And I like to share what He has told me. Well, the other day I was asking why some Christians and some people are down right mean or rude to people. It seems like they don't have any consideration for those who are in a state of weakness. He lead me to read about the Phirasees; and about the woman who bathed Jesus' feet with her tears and hair. I decided to share and wrote what my heart told me too. I wanted to be encouraging to those who are struggling and my not have found the support that they need. Some people thanked and I felt good that I was able to interpret what the Lord had put on my heart. And someone said that I needed to pray to make sure that I wasn't being a hypocrite in my sharing. And that was never my intent or goal, I genuinely wanted to share. I told God that I wish I hadn't posted it at all, even though it was in my heart to share. Then I can across this...


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