Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Movies and Food

I'm getting really good at making oatmeal now. Usually I don't add enough water or I add to much, but today it was perfect. I've also started adding craisins. I think I might try adding apricots next time.

I also tried one of my lean gourmet meals from Michellani's last night. I had the buffalo chicken snackers for dinner. It was really good and filling. I bought them this past Sunday at Walmart, they were only a dollar. So, I figured I'd given them a try. When I go shopping this week I'm going to get them for lunch as well. It's so much easier grabbing something and leaving; then having to make something from scratch everyday.

Outside of that I looking into some more Korean films to watch. A majority of the international films that I've watched have been Japanese. I've decided the expand my film viewing field. These are the movies I'm going to watch next:

1. I Saw the Devil
2. The Chaser
3. H
4. Sympathy for Mr Vengence
5. Memories of Murder
6. Mother

If you have any foreign films that you've watched and loved let me know. I'm willing to watch anything once as long as it isn't anything graphic, like Hannibal Holocaust *shudders*

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