Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tomorrow is Friday, thank goodness this week went by faster than last week. I don't plan on doing anything to exciting. I'm going to stop by Best Buy and pick up my MetroPCS pre-paid. And I'm going grocery shopping. Then I'll most likely I'll sit in front of my computer and watch the rest of MARS and then start Boys Over Flowers.

Anyway, I was discovered a new group, that's not so new. Their name is IIndian (Two Indian), the are a Korean electropop group. They only released on CD in 2009 named Vol 1 Speak. I looked all over the net to find a download, but couldn't find one. So, I ended up buying the CD from Yes Asia. The CD should be here on the 24th.

So, yesterday I visited one of the many blogs that I read and they were talking about their experience selling in antique malls, flea markets, and online. She talked about inexpensive handmade accessories sell better than the larger expensive items. I want to make crochet blankets and hats, but with my job the way that it is, I don't have time to work on things like that. So, I decided to make some earrings. I orders stainless steel earring stud blanks and resin flowers. She also talked about branding and consistency with packaging. So, while I wait for my items to arrive I can think of how package, send, and price my items.

I started my low-calorie diet on Monday, my goal is to stay 1,500 calories and lower. According to the BMR calculator I need 2277 for basic function. Minus 500 calories would be 1777 and one pound a week. Minus another 500 would be 1277 and two pounds a week. So, I've lost four pounds.

With the release of the iPadHD people will be flocking to get it. Which means that I can finally get and iPad 1.

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